International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) approved national board for India


CMAP Mobile App Testing – Foundation Level

Apps and mobiles have become an important element of today’s IT and society in a very short time frame. 

Mobile technologies are fast changing and have a huge impact on how we develop, how we test and what we test. IT professionals should be up to date with the latest development of the mobile technology and how it impacts testing, performance and security. 

CMAP Mobile App Testing – Foundation Level provides participants with an excellent introduction and understanding to Mobile App Testing using relevant exercise and examples to reinforce their skills and knowledge.

Business Outcomes

As a CMAP Mobile App Testing certified professional you will be able to:

  • Assist in adaptation of existing testing methods for testing of mobile applications,
  • Support the requirements team in review of mobile application related requirements using knowledge of mobile environment,
  • Adapt existing testing experience and existing way of testing web and other applications to mobile testing including user expectations,
  • Identify and apply appropriate methods for testing of characteristics unique to mobile technology,
  • Apply appropriate techniques for testing in a mobile application project,
  • Identify and use appropriate tools to assist in mobile application testing including emulators and simulators,
  • Assist the mobile application team in identifying potential test automation activities and corresponding tools,
  • Assist in identification of requirements of a test lab for carrying out mobile application testing.